With their ability to roll and large size, Gorons seem prime for the tasks presented to a Barbarian. Similarly, Moblinoids have a distinct like for the class with their already low intelligence score. Though you’re more likely to find these races with Barbarian ties, that doesn’t exclude other races from having the possibility. There are such things as Human and Hylian Barbarians. Just look at the Iron Knuckles!


Music is loved by all in the land of Hyrule. Using the common array of items, as well as specialties such as Fish-Bone Guitars, Ocarinas, Deku Pipes, and Goron Drums. Often their services are employed by Mayors and Taverns, having them play during festivals or on tired nights at the local Milk Bar. Any class can effectively become a Bard, as all races have a love of music.


Healing magic tends to be rare, being reserved to those with heritage from the Goddess Hylia or of noble lineage. Only the race of Fey have the ability to naturally heal, outside of the normal lineage. Take this into consideration when choosing this class, as your talent is one to be awed at and respected. For this reason, Hylians are the most common Clerics you will find.


As there are many wooded and natural places in Hyrule, there are Druids to wander and upkeep them. From the Gerudo Desert to the Lost Wood, any type of Druid can be found. Depending on the terrain, any type of Druid can be found- from Deku to Goron. On top of the normal animals around Hyrule, there are several setting specific Animal Companions like Keese and Wolfos that can be found accompanying a Druid.


Adventuring is highly profitable in Hyrule and so comes the Fighter along with it. Weilding any of the numerous weapons that find their home in Hyrule armories, these folks can be in it for the Rupees or the Glory. As such, any race can be found as a fighter.


As a master of the fist, they can work their lives as simple farmers or laborers, or involve themselves in the vast Goron Sumo-Wrestling Tournaments. These so called Masters of the Body deserve respect, no matter how young. Though any race can become a Monk, you are most likely to find Gorons filling the role.


The Paladin tends to make up the rank of the Royal Guard, serving by the King or Queen’s side and upholding their law. Therefore, though they serve Hylia or the Golden Godesses, they also tend to follow the orders of Royalty with just as much vigor. Despite this fact, there can also be crusaders of any sub-religion in Hyrule. You can find Paladins of any race, despite the tendency for Royalty to be Hylian. This simply means there are more Hylians.


Like the Druid, there are plenty of reasons for a person to go and explore the wild sections of Hyrule. Be it for mapping, for adventure, or for profit, Rangers can be any race. They can also choose from a selection of interesting Hyrule specific animals.


Even Hyrule has its shadier types. The Rouge can be of any class- from the Master Thief to the Street Urchin- and found from Dungeons to Towns pilfering wares and chests alike. Be warned, as you are likely to become cursed- be it by Poe or Skulltula. A Rogue can be of any race, though Miniblin and Deku make good ones due to their size.


Perhaps most feared of the Magic using classes, the Sorcerer is seen as uncouth and dangerous in all manners. Many famous Villains – such as Vaati and Ganondorf – started their careers as Sorcerers, using their Goddesses given talent to corrupt the very world around them. Even if you use your talent for good, beware! Any race can be a sorcerer, though you more commonly find Gerudo.


Similar to the Sorcerer, the Warlock is feared as villanous, though in some settings they are embraced as seers. Instead of being gifted power from the Golden Goddesses, they instead reach beyond the Sacred Realm and draw their powers from the Outer Realms. As such, their powers are strange and generally considered bad-luck. You are most likely to find a Gerudo or Sheikah Warlock.


In most circles the Wizard has become the most accepted of the Magic users, considered to be helpful and practiced. These users generally help erect bridges, create potions, and do other helpful tasks that would otherwise take months. Also revered in this group are the Seven Sages, who protect the realm of light from the forces of evil. Any race can be a Wizard, though more commonly they are Hylian or Sheikah.


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