In the same genus as Lizalfos, Dynalfos are a race of intelligence lizard-like humanoids, living in tribe-like societies in the Dungeons across Hyrule. Dynalfos often serve as the Chieftans and high-guard of these societies, as when they are born they have the ability to breath fire. When confronted in their Dungeon homes, they will fight to the death to stop any intruders from finding their tribe and egg-clutches. Unlike Lizalfos, Dynalfos often fight alone for the glory. It is a common practice for Dynalfos to wear heavy armor and carry heavier weapons, which show rank and status.

Dynalfos can come in any color and variation, though often possess coloration similar to their home environment. Depending on the tribe, you may find Dynalfos with spikes or fins along their spine, and these traits are highly coveted by Saurian females. Dynalfos are monstrous humanoids with the saurian subtype.


Traits. Use the Dragonborn traits from the Player’s Handbook.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Hylian and Draconic.


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