One of the spectrum of Humans, Hylians have a few traits that set them apart from others. The first are their pointed ears, which can range from a small point to a long taper. It is said that they were gifted to them by the Goddess Hylia in order to hear the words of the gods, which many Hylian priests attest to. Second is the tendency for magical talent, often stated by the Royal family to be due to their direct descendance from the Goddess Hylia herself. While none of these claims can be substantiated, there are more than a few wizard or sorcerer who follow this belief.

Hylians have the same deviations and diversity as humans, though are differentiated by their narrow pointed ears and tendency for taller heights. Hylians are Humanoids with the Elf subtype.


Traits. Use the Elf (High Elf) traits from the Player’s Handbook.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Hylian and two other languages of your choice.


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