The Kokiri are a race of child-like beings that live deep within the Lost Woods. Kokiri are ageless, even though they appear and act as Hylian children, and are followed constantly by their guardian fairy- who often serves as their deepest friend, mentor, and parent. All Kokiri revere the Great Deku Tree and many believe that he created them. Before the Boy in Green and the Sage Saria left the Lost Woods, Kokiri believed they would die if they left the forest limits and based their society in this seclusion.

Kokiri, as mentioned before, look similar to Hylian children. They tend to have blonde hair and blue eyes, but have been known to have appearances similar to the forest around them. Most notable is the Kokiri’s garb, which is iconicly green and usually includes a green cap.


Traits. Use the Halfling traits from the Player’s Handbook.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Hylian and Deku.


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