The Sheikah are a tribe of long lived warriors who have devoted their lives to the Royal Family of Hyrule. They are most well known for their abilities to meld into the shadows and use magic, which makes them similar to Hylians in many aspects. Sheikah were originally servants of the goddess Hylia and continue to serve her under the guise of the Royal Family. In this way, Sheikah have helped maintain legends and prophecies around Hyrule. Sheikah were killed to near extinction during the Hyrule Civil war and are therefore a very difficult race to find in great numbers.

Although Sheikah are inherintly similar to Hylians, the one factor that sets them apart is their piercing red eyes. This has been incorporated into much of their culture and their symbol, a crying red eye with three triangles above it, play off of this trait. In all other features they are similar to Hylians. They stand in the range of normal human growth. Sheikah are Humanoids with the Elf subtype.


Traits. Use the Elf (Drow) traits from the Player’s Handbook, except remove the Sunlight Sensitivity feature. Also replace the dancing lights cantrip with light.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Hylian and one other language of your choice.


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